The vitally important role that fire doors play within a building’s overall fire safety and compliance continues to be at the forefront of fire safety measures in the light of the Grenfell Tower fire.  The very idea of compartmentation relies on fire doors which are properly specified, installed, inspected and maintained.

Incorrectly fitting fire door sets and door components can compromise whole building safety and create a serious risk to life to all of the building occupants.  Many of our clients are duty holders and understand the statutory duties this places on them to ensure regular fire door inspections and remediations are carried out.

Leviathan can offer their clients fully certified FDIS fire door inspections or independent enhanced detail fire door inspections with UKAS accredited door inspectors with an accompanying maintenance programme. We carry out inspections on all building types, bespoke fire doors and within sensitive environments requiring full DBS clearance.

Our recent inspections have included NHS estates, secondary school academies and Grade II listed university buildings, offices, hotels and commercial buildings. 

As one of only a small number of FDIS certified door inspectors we provide recognised expertise, assurance and competency to ensure compliant, correctly specified and cost effective fire door solutions are installed within all of our clients’ buildings.