PFI Support Inspection & Contract Review

Examples of the work we carry out under PFI Support are…

+ Inspection and Contract Review

AmbulanceOne of Leviathan Consultings primary tasks is undertaking reviews of the operation of PFI contracts for public sector service providers – particularly NHS Trusts.  We specialise in carrying out a physical inspection of the built and operational environment, in order to ensure that the service provided is as specified by the contract, in compliance with statutory requirements and best industry practice. Leviathan has helped secure multi-million pound deductions from Unitary Payments at NHS hospital sites as a result of finding serious deficiencies that have significant impact for infection prevention and a safe clinical environment. Our work has resulted in significant savings for NHS Trusts but more crucially also ensure that the systems are upgraded to the standard required by the contract and by law

+ Operational Support and Advice

ward-reconfigurationLeviathan advise NHS clients when technical systems have failed or where a managed PFI service is below acceptable levels. We are able to intervene quickly identifying if the failure is attributable to the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), Facilities Maintenance Contractor or Managed Service Provider. We help the NHS client understand the problems, advise how best to address the matter with their PFI Partner and if required help substantiate any claims.

+ Independent Expert Adjudication

medical-labLeviathan have an extensive network of industry specialists that we are able to call upon at short notice to verify and supportour findings to get rapid resolution toserious clinical/engineering issues.