Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

Mechanical and Electrical

Leviathan provides design advice and project management on a range of systems. Choose from the services below to see more details:

+ Building services

Ventialtion shaftIncluding heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), domestic water services, drainage, Power Generation, HV& LV power, lighting, fire alarms, security, access control and lightning protection.

+ Laboratory services design

LaboratoryThese require specialist knowledge particularly in ventilation strategies for control of containment, fume handling, fumigation, piped gasses and special waste. Leviathan has overseen the installation of level 2 and 3 CAT laboratories within Healthcare facilities, mortuaries, and University Research Laboratories.

+ Life-cycle Audit

life-cycle-modelling-and-costingCost certainty is what our clients like to see. Leviathan produce full financial models for M&E services to enable clients to correctly select equipment or when planning to replace / overhaul plant and services such as Chillers or AHU’s. Leviathan can help minimise clients future costs by designing early the method of maintenance and replacement of equipment to reduce operational service disruption. Our clients have valued this of us.

+ Energy Audits

energy-strategy-report-chartLeviathan can advise on the latest renewable incentives such a RHI where clients can see rapid commercial return for investing in the correct efficient technology.

+ Project management support

project-management-supportLeviathan plan and control the Apart from the planning, control and detailed tracking of the design process, we are experienced in the specification, site management, commissioning and strategic planning of projects.

+ Validation of clinical & pharmaceutical facilities

validation-of-clinical-pharmaceutical-facilitiesClients need to know their facilities are built to their specification. Leviathan have used adopted and their own validation related (e.g.DQ, PQ) Protocols, Master Plan and schedules to assist with the design, construction and commissioning phases of many projects. Leviathan take pride in getting it right first time and keeping snags to a minimum.

+ Site Risk Review

site-ispection-surveyMany clients want project risks to safety or business function identified early and managed. Leviathan review services on site and identify potential risks for our clients. We review and / or draft policies and procedures to contingency plan for incidents such as flooding, fire or failure of a safety critical system. Our reviews suggest risk mitigation strategies and improvements to resilience or processes.

+ Bespoke site inspection

bespoke-site-inspectionLeviathan review existing M&E services and infrastructure. We conduct surveys prior to the undertaking of capital works to ensure that sustainable development is planned and inspect systems where a building is not functioning as expected by a client. Leviathan has experience working with many NHS Trusts to develop strategic vision to enable efficient site development. We also provide inspections for clients considering letting, converting or purchasing property so an idea of future expenditure and required work is known.
Leviathan is committed to the protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development. We endeavour to minimize the environmental impact of business activities and to positively influence those we work with to ensure that sustainable technologies are successfully and cost-effectively integrated into any project.

Leviathan advise on best operating practices within nursing/healthcare that can reduce waste, save resources and ultimately increase efficiency in the clinical environment.

We are committed to the implementation of integrated renewable energy and adopt a holistic and sustainable lifecycle engineering approach as we believe that this offers best long-term value for our clients.

Leviathan uses its skills and influence to improve the built environment and to maintain the integrity and quality of the natural and cultural environments.

For more information about the benefits of using our services, please call us on 01684 214 888 or send us a message.