Healthcare consulting

Healthcare consulting

Leviathan is passionate about the environment in which patients and their families are cared for. Our roots are based in Healthcare environments and Engineering practice and enhancing the patients experience to the best of our abilities. This is why Leviathan exists.

AmbulanceTo save our clients time and money by ensuring they approve a fully functioning, correctly engineered facility that will provide resilience and be fit for purpose. Leviathan understand how a clinical space is intended to work and uniquely consider the services and infrastructure required either in existing Healthcare buildings or prior to a new design taking place.

Leviathan ensure that continued clinical care can be delivered and services provided during any project by taking into account the facilities available, the flow of patients and staff, and the programmed completion of work by builders to ensure return visits by contractors or changes due to operational changes not envisaged.

We are particularly experienced in ensuring our NHS clients “get what they pay for” from their PFI provider. We are able to guide clients through their PFI contract both commercially and technically.

Within the Healthcare market Leviathan offer the following services:

  • PFI Advice
  • Adjacency & Flow
  • Space Planning
  • M&E Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Capital Planning
  • Lifecycle Costing

  • Troubleshooting & Intervention Following a Major Building or M&E Service Failure
  • Business Cases
  • Design Advice



  • Resilience Appraisal of Systems & Risk Analysis
  • Clinical Service Planning
  • Tender Assessment
  • Developing Comprehensive Tender Briefs



Leviathan understand the pace of change in clinical care and the need for environments to be flexible to accommodate change whilst being cost efficient. For more information about the benefits of using our services, please call us on 01684 214 888 or send us a message.