Fire Expert Witness

Leviathan fire safety experts provide testimony that is accurate, legally defensible and impartial

In the event of a dispute or serious technical deficiency relating to fire safety, it is often necessary to seek advice from an independent and impartial expert witness.

Leviathan has a successful track record supporting fire safety expert witness cases for both the Public & Private sectors.

Our expert advice has been called upon by local authorities, contractors, PFI companies and legal professionals for a wide range of fire safety legal cases across the UK, including a number of healthcare high-profile cases.

Why appoint Leviathan to act as a fire safety expert witness?

  • Leviathan are regarded as experts in fire safety and fire safety management;
  • Our expert witnesses are highly experienced Chartered Engineers & IFE Accredited Fire Engineers with a range of technical competencies;
  • We act as an expert witness in civil and commercial cases;
  • We analyse, interpret and explain complex technical evidence;
  • We understand Legal Procedure Rules;
  • Our expert witnesses are fully conversant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005;
  • We offer independent and impartial expert opinion based on fact.
  • We have a track record of providing quantifiable evidence and opinion prior allowing decisions and outcomes to be achieved without always needing to proceed to adjudication or court.

What type of projects can Leviathan help with?

  • Fire safety design of residential and commercial buildings;
  • Fire performance of materials;
  • Review adequacy of Fire Maintenance procedures and record keeping
  • Review of fire safety documentation for compliance;
  • Inspection of premises under privilege to provide a detailed report, explaining defects or compliance; not simply a desktop review.
  • Review of legal obligation compliance e.g. Building Regulations or the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005;
  • Review of fire safety management;
  • Review adequacy and reliability of fire risk assessments.

As expert witnesses, we draw upon our experience to analyse fire safety engineering and fire safety management issues with objectivity, providing factual and independent expert opinions that are industry-respected.

All investigation work and reporting is carried out on an independent basis. Our expert witnesses will establish the facts from physical inspection of premises, fire investigation reports, documents and other sources of evidence and provide opinion based on that information.

We will provide impartial advice with reliable expert opinion to strengthen your legal argument, acting for the defence or as the prospective claimant.